I’m super excited for my first post on my website, I’ve been working on finding my style, my voice for quite sometime, I’m still experimenting, however, I feel comfortable and decided to just share my opinion with you guys. So, here it goes…

For this week’s review I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I don’t JUST drink whiskey, lol. So my choice of liquor was everyone’s party favorite: TEQUILA!
So, I thought why not review a tequila from meme mogul Elliot Tebele (pronounced tuh belly). Yep. From the guy who brought you F*ck Jerry comes an approachably priced premium tequila offering called… Ja Ja Yes. Haha. But spelled with j instead of h.

In English “Ha Ha”

The tequila is responsibly and sustainably produced in Jalisco México, and comes in at 80 proof. The distillery offers blanco, reposado, and añejo iterations, but I decided on the blanco because without aging, blancos, to me, showcase the quality and age of the agave used, as well as giving hints as to the elevation of the agave farm. And honestly, it is a good tequila! I only tried the blanco but damn, a great effort from the get go. Nice punch of spice on the nose, and then same on the tongue, with a great light texture and a finish of citrus and pineapple. No gimicks here, just a good product made the right way with plenty of time left to market their products, and mature their aged offerings.

Definitely good for shots, palomas, margs or just a cool conversation piece at your next party! I am excited to try the reposado and then… maybe an extra-anejo down the road (hint hint). Either way. Impressed! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can see more reviews and drink recipes and sports stuff too, your girl does it all 😝

Cheers!! Errr…Salud!!!