Howdy everybody!

I’m currently melting in Los Angeles right now, we have an extreme heat advisory going on for another WEEK (while my AC is broken, just waiting for the landlady to fix it), my fan wasn’t doing the job and this awful weather coincided with the day of the week when I like to post my recipes, soooo I decided I needed a recipe to cool ME off and YOU guys, in case your somewhere just as hot.

A twist on an Electric Lemonade felt like the right call. If you don’t know the recipe, it’s usually made with vodka but… if you know me you know I freaking like my whiskey, and while on a trip to, where I usually get my supplies for the videos, I came across this badass moonshine called “Blue Flame” by Ole Smoky, and don’t let the pretty blue color fool you, this moonshine is 128 proof, again it is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT PROOF, it’s gonna hit you whether you like it or not, soooo drink it at your own discretion (you should drink it, for real though, it’s freaking good).

Blue Flame moonshine, by Ole Smoky

HERE ARE THE DIRECTIONS TO THE RECIPE, if you are a visual person like I am, you can watch the youtube video and then make it. Any way you choose to follow it, let me know how you like the results…

Watch it on youtube, give me those views


2oz. Blue Flame moonshine by Ole Smoky

1 squeeze of lemon

60z. of lemonade (if you don’t like a lot of sugar in your drinks, you can substitute for a brand you prefer.)