Balcones is known best for their Texas-sourced, blue-corn based bourbons and whiskeys, and I have been a fan since I was first introduced.
So, I was eager to try their entry-level pot still bourbon.
Unlike other Balcones offerings, this red-labeled gem comes in around $30 which is like getting a Beamer for a Kia price.
However, $30 is a steal. So much for suspense, right?

I was admittedly biased going in, but damn, for $30, and at 92 proof this is a near-perfect bourbon (for the price tag). The nose yields no surprises; corn, almond, nutmeg and a hint of caramel permeate the olfactory, but the taste and finish are sensory surprises. Fuller bodied than a 2 year bourbon should be, with complexities like leathery sandalwood, smooth molasses and whispers of cinnamon and cocoa tease the tongue before a dry finish of oak and charcoal smoke tell the palate it is time for another robust sip.
I am not getting paid to say this, and I am fussy for a frugal bourbon sipper but wow.

This sh** was good, and the name on the label doesn’t hurt. This pot still offering should keep its character as it ages quite well! So if you’re out there searching for a new bourbon, you should give this one a try, I guarantee you won’t regret it.