One of the things I like doing the most for my blog is searching endless aisles for products that stand out visually, and then learning about them- true trial and error style. For this week’s review I challenged myself to steer away from my love of bourbon, and to find something new and great for my readers and boy, oh boy I found something AMAZING!

Let me introduce to you BUMBU XO RUM!

Rum was first created 400 years ago, in Barbados, so for my first rum review I knew I wanted something authentic. After spending a good 35 minutes in the rum aisle, I found BUMBU XO.

After getting home and having a shot (or two 😝) i dove into the history of the brand. The yeast they use during fermentation is a secret of their distillery since 1840. Most Caribbean islands were formed by volcanos, Barbados isn’t one of them, the island was formed by coral reefs which produces one of the purest waters in the world, that’s what they use in their rum. I love cool facts like that one, it adds a sense of pride when you know what’s in your glass, it’s a product made with such dedication.

Bumbu XO rum

Sometimes a pretty bottle can hide a disappointment inside, but in this case the beauty is truly on the inside. Upon pulling the cork your nose is met with the sweet sugar cane and spice you’d expect from a barrel-aged rum that has matured for up to 18 years.

Upon first (big) sip, more is revealed. Hints of orange peel, pepper, and then a big wallop of toffee and brown sugar finish the job. It’s as complex as one can expect rum to be, but delivers a sweet, strong and satisfying flavor on the front and back end. No bitterness to speak of, and none of the flavors overwhelms.
You can mix this if you like, but I will take mine ever so slightly chilled, and neat…and make it a double please.