With Dia De Los Muertos just around the corner, I had tequila on my mind for this review, but with fall around the corner I was also thinking something hot.
Then I was thinking that the election is just around the corner, which reminded me that bloody marys are good for hangovers. 😛
So, with all that in mind, I landed on a ghost-pepper infused tequila for my review this week… aptly named, Ghost, btw.
Ghost starts as a true 100% agave tequila, and is infused with enough of the infamous ghost pepper to match the original infusion recipe which actually came from a Boston bartender from a tequila bar.

So, I poured my shot, cut some lemon to chase the spice and poured a little grapefruit soda on the side just in case it was overwhelming. As I popped the bottle the waft of agave was quickly replaced by the heat from the namesake pepper. So…
The verdict? Bomb. My first impression (I took a shot just to get the full effect) was a surprisingly sweet flavor to start, immediately replaced by the taste you get when you’re sipping a perfect bloody mary (referring to my earlier notion).
A spice definitely lingers on the tongue and in the throat and even the nostrils.
But none of it is overwhelming, but more like what you would hope for.

It is sweet, spicy, tasty and pleasing on the palate and the peripheral senses.
I am excited to create some spicy variants on tequila drinks with this but moreover, this may be my new favorite spirit to shoot.
And for under $25 bucks, this is a no-brainer to bring to (limited-by-covid) gatherings as the holidays approach, as well as to cheers to the departed with this Sunday for the Day of the Dead.
10/10 for sure on this one.