La Cavalera Catrina

Most spirits enthusiasts probably have a few good looking bottles they’ll keep in their collection, whether that bottle comes with their favorite liquor or just because of the “cool” factor. The bottle I’m bringing you guys this week, has that cool factor mentioned before- and then some… and has a lot of history behind the bottle’s facade as well!

Tita Doña Celia tequilas, come in a porcelain bottle that resemble the famous La Cavalera Catrina, a satirical portrait of Mexican natives, created by José Guadalupe Posada. According to him, Mexican natives were aspiring and willing to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolution era. Let’s talk about a bottle packed with history, huh? (And probably some controversy too.)

Dona Celia blanco bottle

This 100% de agave blanco sells itself with its decorative bottle….but how about what’s inside?
Mixed reviews from the start. The opening note on the nose is agave forward with notes of apple and pepper as can be expected, but is overtly floral, this is all accompanied by earth tones and even pine.
On the tongue, this complexity is good and bad.

Blanco tequila

While the tequila is a bit too astringent, it does have some positives. The peppery front end is pleasant, and complements some of the earthy tones. I wish there was a little more citrus and apple notes to the flavor, but honestly… I bought this for the bottle and the bottle I shall keep.
For $55 I would expect a bit more sophistication but to be fair, this is the blanco. With some barreling and aging these complex flavors could mellow and come together nicely. Plus they have unique cool bottles as well so….maybe more reviews to come!

Blanco tequila